Field Trips

We extend a warm welcome to school groups, summer camps, homeschool groups, preschools, Mother’s Day Out programs, and more at Lavenderland. Our field trips are tailored for participants, including middle school and younger, seeking to immerse themselves in our breathtaking outdoor setting.

Our field trips are highly sought-after, while discovering the wonders of lavender and stress-reducing practices. From learning about the cultivation of lavender to exploring techniques for relaxation and mindfulness, our educational programs provide valuable insights and hands-on experiences.

In addition to our educational activities, we offer age-appropriate crafts that allow participants to express their creativity and take home a special memento of their visit. Our goal is to inspire curiosity, foster a deeper connection with nature, and provide a memorable and enriching experience for all who visit Lavenderland.

For details please call us at 604-862-8460, or email us: