Frequently Asked Questions

When is the full-bloom season?

Late June to End of October: French Lavender

Late June to mid-August: Superblue "True" English Lavender 

Early July to mid-September: Melissa, Grosso Lavender​

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately, we have a No Pets Policy on the farm. We kindly ask you to find someone to look after them for your day at the farm.

Is the farm wheelchair-friendly?

Yes! We use gravel and sand for our farm walkways. We advise you use the outdoor wheelchair during your visit.​

Are you selling any lavender products (ex. soaps, lotion)?

Yes, we are selling lavender kombucha, essential and hydrosol (for dilution). We are also selling personal care products that uses our essential oils and hydrosols.​​

Are drones allowed?

  • Drones are not permitted.​